These 10 Camping Hacks Take Your Trip to Another Level

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These 10 Camping Hacks Take Your Trip to Another Level


Whether it's a hunting trip or a chance to get outdoors, these camping hacks are so genius you'll wonder how you went without them. Get your tips here.


After many sleepless nights in the great outdoors, you tend to pick up on a few things.


Like, for instance, learning how to keep your toilet paper dry before you have to wipe.


If you're ready to step up your camping game, read on to discover these 10 incredible camping hacks.


#1 - Make Mosquitos vomit with Sage


Mosquitoes are the bane of a camper's outdoor world.


In fact, there are so many repellents out there promising to get rid of this irksome bug that most campers don't know even know which repellent to get anymore.


Allow me to introduce to you: Sage, a minty (and relatively cheap) herb that's a pleasant aroma to our human noses ... but terribly nauseating to a mosquito's proboscis.


A vomitous mosquito repellent


For this essential oil repellent, get yourself a glass jar.


Add 20-25 droplets of sage essential oil into the jar.


Add 2 tablespoons of veggie oil and 1 of aloe vera.


Mix it up.


Stick a finger in the jar, then rub on your skin.


Pat your clothes down with the leftover residue on your hands.




No more of those damn annoying mosquitos.


But don't worry, you won't smell; it only works on those pesky buzzers.


#2 - Whistle while you work ... with an acorn


Camping hacks like this come once in a lifetime.


The top of an acorn can be used to whistle.


You heard me right!


In the event that you get lost, whistle with an acorn!


This one might take a few minutes to nail down, but once you get it, you'll be heard from miles away.


Break me off a piece of that acorn top.


Here's how to do it.


Pry open an acorn.


Pretend you're opening a pill bottle.


Now, with the inside of the acorn-top facing you, hold the cap between your thumb and index finger.


With your other thumb, form a V-shape.


Place your sexy lips on that thang and whistle like your life depends on it!


# 3 - Kindle a fire with corn chips


Listen, no one said camping would be easy.


If you ever find yourself in a woodsy jam, you'll have to choose between getting enough tasty calories or keeping yourself warm.


Your choice!


(Secret step: eat the leftover corn chips. Then use a real firestarter).


# 4 - Make a cool solar lantern


This is one of my favorite camping hacks.


It's so easy to do and it makes me feel like a badass.


There are many versions out there, but I find this to be the simplest to make and the cheapest to buy.


It'll cost you less than $10 bucks.


What you'll need


  • Solar-powered white Christmas lights (led bulb)
  • Glass or plastic jar
  • Or a clear Tupperware container (vase can work, too)


What to do


Fasten the bulb under the jar cap.


I prefer using sticky tack so I can detach the light and recharge it during the day.


That's it.


To make a more sophisticated sun lantern, head over here.


#5 - Install play mats


When you're out in the woods, walking barefoot inside your tent isn't cool.


On your next trip, bring along several foam playmats to place inside your tent.


Jumbo sizes cover 16 square feet and cost less than $15.


The cool thing about this is that it insulates the ground.


Plus, it'll add an extra layer of protection against any critters trying to make their way up through your tent.


# 6 - Stuff your stuff in a hanging organizer


As you know, it can get pretty cramped in a tent.


Rather than stockpiling all your belongings with no room to cozy up in peace, let it all hang in a hanging clothes organizer, which you can get at most retailers like IKEA or Walmart.


From the top bar frame of your tent, hoist the hanging organizer ... and you're done.


#7 - How to keep your toilet paper dry


In the event of a rainstorm, there's a chance that your toilet paper will get wet.


And nothing sucks more than when you gotta go but all you have to use is wet toilet paper.


To keep your toilet paper dry, store the roll in a CD spindle.


I'm pretty sure you have one somewhere in your closet!


If not, buy a set of blank CDs and use the container.


(What you do with the CDs is up to you).




Use a round makeshift plastic cap and attach it to the top of the CD spindle.


Make a hole.


You'll have yourself a dispenser from which you can pull out toilet paper, like Kleenex.


The lazy option:


Store the toilet paper in a canister, much like this breakfast can!


#8 - Humpty dumpty camping hacks


One of my favorite camping hacks is to bring along eggs (to eat bacon with ... yum!).


But obviously, traveling with eggs can be a disaster.


Avoid this potential mess by pre-whisking your eggs and pouring it into a plastic bottle!


One bottle can hold up to eight eggs.


The cool thing is that you don't need to bring a bowl or a whisk.


Just shake, sizzle, and scramble!


#9 - Raise your 'itchy' hand if you're sure


Did you bring your deodorant?


Are you sure, or unsure?




But seriously, if you feel an itch, add a few streaks of your deodorant to where ever you feel the itch. 


Some of the ingredients found in deodorant can actually act as an anti-itch cream. 


Granted, it doesn't work for everyone.


For me, however, the itchiness subsides within a few minutes. 


The next time you feel an itch due to a critter's bite, use deodorant.


#10 - Be smarter than your average bear


Capping off as one of my all-time favorite camping hacks is the use of a belt on which to hang pots and pans.


Bears, of course, are constantly on the prowl for food.


So anything that a bear can sniff at ground-level will be easy-pickings.


So what do we do now, Boo-boo?


Take an old belt and wrap it around a tree.


If the tree is too wide for the belt, you can fasten two belts together (or 3, or 4 ... as many belts as it takes).


Hang as many hooks on the belt as you need, then hang your kitchenware.


Make sure the belt is high enough to evade a bear's claws when the bear stands.


The average bear can stand over 9 feet!


So keep that in mind when hanging your stuff.


So what did you think of these DIY camping hacks?


Were they ground-breaking ... or have you been there, done that?


Do you have any tips campers all over the world haven't discovered yet?


Please share them with us!


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