5 Unspoken, Yet Universal Fishing Rules for Sportsmen

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See someone catch a fish? Don't get in their spot. These unspoken, yet universal fishing rules and more - don't make these mistakes.


There are a vast array of rules in life that you probably won't come across in any Pulitzer Prize Winning book. Don't slurp your soup. Don't eat yellow snow. Don't stare in public. Like many things in life, fishing has an unwritten code of conduct; a list of rules and basic etiquette that you must follow if you are to be welcomed into the fold. When fishing, there are some things you should never do (as well as some things you definitely should). These rules are unspoken but universal, and you ignore them at your peril. 


Some newbie fishermen don't know these fishing tips exist, while others know just enough to get by. But all serious sportsmen abide by these rules; til death do us part... or something like that. 


This article is going to show you 5 unspoken, yet universal rules of fishing. If you are planning on going fishing anytime soon, this is the most important thing you'll read all day.


1. Keep A Considered Distance Away


If there is a golden rule of this sport, then this is surely it. You absolutely must keep a considered distance away from other fishermen. Period. If you see someone catch a fish in an area near you, do not get up in their spot, do not move closer to the zone they are in and do not try to angle your way into their space. Ever.


That means never. 


Invading a fisherman's fishing spot is like invading someone's personal space, and we all know how much we hate that. It really is the worst. Instead, imagine that every fisherman has a protective bubble around their chosen spot and choose to respect that spot no matter what. Of course, this is not just common sense, it's basic manners too. 'But the fish are biting over there', I hear you say.  Well, I'm sorry to say this, but, tough cookie. Get over it.


Do you remember that story we all heard as children about the early bird catching the worm? This is like that. If someone has located a good fishing space and, they have gotten to it before you, good for them. Wish them luck, be a good sport and go fish someplace else.


2. Never Expect To Catch A Fish


Sometimes, in life, with great expectation comes major disappointment. Fishing is no exception. 


There's an old saying that fishermen often use: "It's called fishing, not catching." Who are we to argue?  There are some days when you go fishing that you will stink the whole place up. Some days no matter what you do, those glorious fish will remain elusive. Accept this the same way you accept breathing.


Patience is, of course, a virtue, and, if you want to be successful at anything, it's a very important life skill. But patience is taken to a whole new level in fishing. It's not only desired, it's required. 


3. Respect, Respect, Respect


Respect for other fishermen is paramount, but you must also respect the fish you are looking to catch and the environment where you want to catch them.  There are a number of ways to treat and dispatch your catch and the exact way depends on the type of fish you are catching. It's important to fully educate yourself about this and it's essential to ensure that you have the correct tools to help you.  Above all, know this. In all your actions, treat fish humanely and always look to minimise any stress they may suffer.


Every time you exercise your right to cast a reel, honor your responsibility to clean up after yourself. That means all bottles, cans, bait and anything else you have brought with you is either put away in an available trash can or, brought away with you. 


4. Learn As You Go


So you've invested in all the right gear and you're ready to hit the water. Great!


Now, most of us are familiar with the ancient proverb, "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Well, fishing is very much like that too. Nobody expects you to be an expert your first few times out, but, you are expected to learn the fundamentals as you go. Once someone else shows you how to, say, tie your line or land your fish, you should be all set to do those things yourself the next time.


And, there's another aspect of learning as you go that might be downright gruesome for some. And it's this: You've got to learn not to complain!  No matter how bad you're tanking or how awful the weather is or how desperate you are to catch something, tough it out and don't complain.


Nobody likes a complainer. It's like talking with your mouth full - it's crass and gross - and your fellow fishermen will not thank you for it.


5. There's A Special Place In Hell For Bananas


Now, before you pass judgement on your fellow man, firstly appreciate that human beings are very superstitious as a rule. Why would fishermen be any different?  You might see this unspoken tenet as a joke but a lot of fishermen take it very seriously (and you should too). The common belief is that boats carrying bananas don't catch fish and whether this is true or not, one thing is certain...You don't want to find out.


If you're fishing on your own and have a particular longing for a banana, by all means, knock yourself out. But, if you're fishing with others, be sure to leave all bananas at home. Permanently.


Unspoken But Powerful Fishing Tips


And there you have it. JayMaq Outdoor Gear fishing masterclass, over and out!  So, now that you've been armed with the 5 unspoken, yet universal fishing rules for sportsmen, what are you going to do with them?  Observe them, of course. Value them. Appreciate them. Honour them.


And, always understand that though they may be unspoken, these rules are important and special.   But mostly, and far more importantly, these rules are sacred.  Any unspoken fishing tips we've left off the list? Let us know - we'll be glad to add them next time. 

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