The Top 10 Ultimate Bass Fishing Tips

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The Top 10 Ultimate Bass Fishing Tips



Bass Fishing Tips - The Ultimate Top Ten List


This post is all about the bass fishing tips you need to catch those bass - from bait to season, we're covering it all right here.


Fishing is one of America's most popular pastimes. And you're probably thinking, "Duh, everybody remembers fishing as a kid. Plus, all my friends fish." But do you really understand how popular fishing really is? 


Fishermen spend nearly $45 billion dollars a year on fishing. Bass fishing alone brings in roughly $16 billion dollars a year. 


Either you have a few rich fishermen spending a whole lot on lures, or you have a lot of fishermen. 


We're betting on the latter. We're also betting you're one of the many hooked on bass fishing. 


It's a worthy sport. Whether you're the casual type or the competitive type, you want to catch more fish. That's why you're up at the crack of dawn to get down to the lake.


You've come to the right place for bass fishing tips. We've got the ultimate list. And these bass fishing tips will definitely help you catch more fish.


You Can Keep Your Worms


They get shredded. They get old and fall apart. You might think, eh, I need new plastic worms. And you're right. Go get more!


But, you don't have to throw out the old. Bass love to beat up on wounded prey. They love to sneak up on it and take it by surprise. 


Give the bass something they can have fun with before getting hooked. These work especially well in shallow water. 


Also, just tossing away plastic, whether into the trash or into the lake, is bad for the beautiful world you're fishing in. Why not recycle them?


Season Thy Bait


The season really matters when it comes to your bass bait. It also changes where you want your bait to land in the water. 


In the winter, bass are sluggish. Use jerk baits in the winter. You can fish these lures in the same spot for hours. This makes them especially potent on suspending bass. 


Leadhead grubs work well in the winter too. You might also want to consider jigs, metal blade bait, and spoons.


During prespawn season, we recommend rattling crankbait. It's fast moving in the upper ranges of prespawn temperature.


During spawn season tube bait is sufficient as well as soft jerkbait.


In postspawn, you'll want to keep your presentation high in the water. Combine a 1/4 ounce jig with a grub trailer, and you should be good.


Summer is, of course, prime time. Hook them with a plastic worm or tube bait.


And lastly Fall. Fishing baitfish is perfect for fall temperatures. Match your lure to the baitfish size. Hook that baitfish and you'll soon have a full bass on there as well.


Get in Before The Storm


The high pressure before a storm makes the bass go crazy. They will be extremely active. Fish like bass can sense pressure changes much better than humans. 


When the pressure is high, they are happy and comfortable. When the pressure is low, they swim downward to increase pressure. 


Fish before a storm or whenever the pressure is high. Avoid the lake right after a storm.


Molest the Bass


With your lure. Keep poking at them. They like to hide in cover. And they sometimes won't bite until the lure presents multiple times from multiple angles.


Bass make you work for it. Don't give up after a few casts.


It's Okay to Be Shallow


During spawning season, bass find shallow protected areas to lay their eggs. You can play two roles here. Either a bother or a baiter.


You won't know which you're playing. But the fish are there protecting their eggs. Get them irritated with you and they might bite. 


Check The Docks


One place a lot of bass fishermen forget to fish is under the dock. These fish like to hide. That's primarily why they are used in tournament fishing. 


Some docks are better real estate than others. It really depends on the structural features of the bottom. 


But, cast your lure a little short of the dock and let it skip under. You never know what you'll catch.


Here's to it not being an old boot.


Get Into Some Shady Business


If it's summer time, you're apt to turn on the cold air or find some shade. Fish share this habit. Of course, they don't have mechanical A/C units on their side. But they can find cooler waters.


Basin structures and boathouses can be great gathering places for bass in the summer. You'll want to find the place with the most shade. There you will find the most fish.


Get Dirty


You don't want to fish in pristine waters all the time. Especially not with bass. Look for the dirty dock. The one with the algae plastered all over its supports. 


That's where you'll find your bass. They're probably munching on the phytoplankton and insects chilling in vegetation that grows out of rotten wood. 


Another indication that the dock is dirty enough. Baitfish and bluegills. Are they hanging around and being greedy? Get ready for a big haul of bass.


Think Big


Now you're probably not always hunting for that ten-pounder. But when you are you need to think as big as a ten pounder. 


You must tell yourself, "If I don't get but one bite a day and it's a ten-pounder, I'll be a happy fisherman."


Remain focused. Fishing for ten-pounders can be tedious. 


Also, don't expect big numbers. You may only land one a day. 


Sharpen Your Hooks


This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it's something a lot of anglers forget. Bass have thick and bony jaws. A sharp hook is essential to successfully hooking a bass.


If you're having a hard time getting one on the line, take the thirty seconds. Sharpen your hook. You'll find you're more consistently hooking fish.


Conclusion: It's All About That Bass


You wouldn't be here if it wasn't all about the bass. You're out there to catch the most or the biggest.


What tips would you put on an ultimate bass fishing list? Let us know in the comments below. Stay sharp, stay safe, and catch some bass! 

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