About Us


JayMaq Outdoor Gear has been in the making for over 20 years.  Being based in the beautiful and wilderness laden southest Colorado Rockies, this small family-run business has been in the middle of the “Outdoors” for years.  With their focus on hunting, fishing, and camping, they have taught individuals from the very basics of hunting and camping to extreme survival techniques to the advanced outdoorsman. 

Outdoor Gear has always been in the middle of everything they have done.  Having the correct outdoor gear is the difference between just barely surviving to surviving well and feeding the family.  Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and everything else that revolves around the outdoors has been JayMaqs passion for years.

JayMaq Outdoor Gear is the accumulation for all these years of research and knowledge.  Enjoying the outdoors with the correct gear shouldn’t take a loan from the bank to accomplish.  That is why JayMaqOutdoorGear.com was created.  A place where weekend warriors to week-long diehard outdoor fans can shop from thousands of name brand products (over 35,000 different items and counting) at extremely fair, low prices.

JayMaq believes that you should be able to find everything you need on one website and as time passes, track everything that you have purchased allow you to re-order the items that you love the best.  For example, JayMaq has over 300 different selections of ammo and ammo accessories and over 500 different knives and accessories.  With this type of selection, you can fine-tune exactly what works best for you when hunting, without spending too much, but then log back into your JayMaq account to reorder what worked best.

JayMaq is proud of the products we have made available to our customers.  We will continue to strive to be your online home when it comes to outdoor gear for years to come.  We will stay competitive and stock the most current products by staying focused on trends and current needs.

We thank you for your business and remember: JayMaq Outdoor Gear is Where the Outdoors Come into View