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MOJO Critter

After trying many versions, Mojo Outdoors has developed the most effective predator decoy on the mar..

$ 39.99 $ 38.96

MOJO Critter Extension Pole

Responding to many requests, Mojo introduces a handy and user friendly extension pole for it's wildl..

$ 9.99 $ 9.63


The Mojo Hawk predator hunting decoy was developed to add another dimension to predator calling. It ..

$ 79.99 $ 77.20

MOJO Puppy Dog

Mojo brings you a different concept in predator hunting with the Mojo Puppy Dog which is a realistic..

$ 24.00 $ 23.64

MOJO Super Critter

The Super Critter is truly a case of the Best Getting Better. The Mojo Critter proved to be the most..

$ 59.99 $ 57.79

MOJO Woodpecker

The Mojo Woodpecker is the latest product in the rapidly growing line of predator decoys. Preying on..

$ 13.00 $ 12.60

Rack-N -Roll

Mimic two mature bucks fighting with the Primos Rack-n-Roll. The Rack-n-Roll was designed and teste..

$ 23.45 $ 17.45