Waterfowl & Accessories

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6 volt Car Charger

Re-charge your 6-volt Mojo battery without taking it out of the vehicle! The Mojo 6-volt car charger..

$ 19.99 $ 16.08

Baby MOJO (Drake)

Mojo Baby Mallard Drake Decoy - The Baby Mojo is approximately 78% size to scale of the Mojo mallard..

$ 79.99 $ 77.04

Baby MOJO Cloudy Day Wings

For reasons not fully understood, ducks are not as attracted to spinning wing decoys on cloudy days,..

$ 24.99 $ 24.08

Dove Live Action Kit

The Mojo Live Action Kit is the ultimate accessory to make your Mojo dove decoy come alive. Dual piv..

$ 11.99 $ 11.28

Flyway Feeder (12 volt)

If you want to kill ducks, make your decoy spread look natural! Mojo introduces the most effective a..

$ 99.99 $ 96.30

Folding Keel Decoys

The weakest link in waterfowl hunting has been the decoys, based on the drastic difference between l..

$ 89.99 $ 86.66

Magnetic Wing Set (MOJO Mallard)

Mojo Magnetic Wings Mallard come with slotted corrugated wings and metal shaft that is attached with..

$ 24.99 $ 24.08

MM Cloudy Day Wings

MOJO has found a solution for duck hunters on the days with low cloud ceilings. To assist in the act..

$ 34.99 $ 32.10

MOJO "Hooker"

Mojo's Texas Decoy Rigs have become the Standard Way to rig floating decoys and store them on a cara..

$ 9.99 $ 9.63

MOJO 4 Channel Decoy Boss

The Decoy Boss is an innovative, multi-channel DC Converter that allows the hunter not only to opera..

$ 399.99 $ 386.05

MOJO Blue Wing Teal

Blue Wing Teal hunting has gained great popularity in the last few years with recent increases in bo..

$ 69.99 $ 64.21

MOJO Booty Shaker

The Booty Shaker is an ingenious accessory created by the Mojo Crew to convert the Mojo Mallard (Mag..

$ 19.99 $ 16.06

MOJO Decoy Spreader

This 3 pack rigs one dozen decoys. Hands down, this is the fastest way to put out and pick up your d..

$ 27.99 $ 26.44

MOJO Extension Pole

Responding to the many requests from Mojo users, Mojo developed a quality extension pole for use (1)..

$ 34.99 $ 32.08

MOJO Floater

The Mojo Floater has been one of the most popular decoys Mojo has offered however, the original mode..

$ 99.99 $ 96.30

MOJO Jerk Cord

The most convenient and user friendly Jerk Cord on the market. Cord is stored conveniently on metal ..

$ 29.99 $ 28.88

MOJO Loud Mouth/ext. speaker

Specially designed external speaker for times when you need more volume that the internal speaker wi..

$ 25.00 $ 14.18

MOJO Mallard Drake w/ remote

Mojo Outdoors has been one of the biggest names in the motion decoy industry because of the effectiv..

$ 199.99 $ 188.79

MOJO Mallard Hen

The Mojo Mallard has been The Premium motion decoy on the market since it revolutionized duck huntin..

$ 149.99 $ 142.14

MOJO Mallard Hen w/ remote

Mojo Outdoors has been one of the biggest names in the motion decoy industry because of the effectiv..

$ 199.99 $ 188.79

MOJO Mallard Machine-Hardwire

Mojo Mallard Machine hardwire unit has 80' of heavy-duty cord with switch and is light and portable,..

$ 179.99 $ 171.76

MOJO Mama Jama

The Mama Jama is a highly effective, multi-purpose duck hunting tool that combines the ability of a ..

$ 119.99 $ 115.44

MOJO Pick Stick

Mojo has developed the most convenient easy way to pick up empty shotgun hulls in the field, utilizi..

$ 34.99 $ 33.63

MOJO Screamin’ Woody

The Screamin Woody as the most requested product. A Mojo realistic wood duck species spinning wing d..

$ 69.99 $ 67.26

MOJO Stirrup Pole

Specially designed decoy support pole for mounting Mojo Decoys in hard or frozen ground. Uses Mojo's..

$ 29.99 $ 25.69


Mojo introduces the Mojo Teal with super fast wings - a whole different concept in duck hunting! Exp..

$ 64.99 $ 60.99

MOJO Texas Style Decoy Rig 6 oz

The Texas Style, tangle free decoy rigging system has been in use for many years along the Louisiana..

$ 34.99 $ 33.71

MOJO Texas Style Rig 18” x 6 oz

The Mojo Texas Style Decoy Rig is a tangle free decoy rigging system in use for many years along the..

$ 32.99 $ 32.10

MOJO Thrasher

The Thrasher from Mojo is designed to create intense surface ripples that simulate the water around ..

$ 199.99 $ 192.59

MOJO Wing Thang

The Mojo Wing Thang delivers tons of waterfowl killing spinning wing flash across the entire decoy s..

$ 24.99 $ 24.03

Multi-Cycle Remote Control

The Mojo Multi-Cycle Remote Control is similar to the Mojo Remote Control Kit for motorized decoys. ..

$ 69.99 $ 51.38

Super MOJO Mallard

The best has gotten better! The Super Mojo Mallard still has all the great top quality features that..

$ 169.99 $ 160.48