Solar Equipment

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Freedom SlrPanel/2200mAh Batt Blk

Hybrid versatility has never been this portable and potent, delivering ample energy from a tiny size..

$ 79.99 $ 35.28

Restore 2 SlrPanel/2200mAh Bat Bk

The most efficient, integrated compact power pack available. Internal battery keeps extra energy at ..

$ 89.99 $ 51.46

SLXtreme for iPhone 4/4s - Safety Yellow

This is the first ever ruggedized, waterproof, solar powered, and battery-boosting iPhone 4/4S case...

$ 129.99 $ 62.08

Solar Panel w/ built-in Li Ion Bat

You no longer have to worry about your camera dying. Covert's new solar panel is the cure. The solar..

$ 69.99 $ 62.58