Find great deals on quality explosive shooting targets here at JayMaq Outdoor Gear. We carry paper targets, steel reactive targets, exploding targets, pop up targets, sure shot targets, rifle and shotgun shooting targets for all your shooting needs. Shop all shooting targets & shooting gallery pieces below.


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1/2 Pack 10 (10pk of 1/2lb Targets)

This 10 pack of Tannerite targets are shrink wrapped with 1/2 pound targets, individually packaged a..

$ 39.99 $ 27.68

Goliath Rimfire Exploding Target 8pk

These unique rim-fire targets are sold in a pack of 8. The folding triangle shaped-charge effect of ..

$ 29.99 $ 20.75

Half Brick 1/2 Lb Exploding Target 4pk

Tannerite Brand Binary Exploding TargetsIncludes:- 4: 1/2 lb Targets- Mixing Container- 4: Catalys..

$ 19.99 $ 13.84

Kill Shot Target Bullseye and 1/2ET

Kill Shot Target Bullseye and 1/2 Exploding Target..

$ 7.99 $ 5.54

Mega Boom 160 PSI Air Pump

The MegaBoom Extreme Air Pump fulfills the need for an easy and reliable air source while in the fie..

$ 39.99 $ 26.05

Mega Boom Polycarbonate Target System

The MegaBoom Polycarbonate Supersonic Target System is Do-All entry level ultimate cross platform re..

$ 32.99 $ 19.60

Mega Boom Rimfire Blast Shield

The MegaBoom Rimfire Protective Plate is a custom designed protective plate, made from 1/4” steel, w..

$ 23.99 $ 13.98

Mega Boom Small Bottle Adapter

The MegaBoom Small Bottle Adapter is built to be utilized with small-mouthed, thin-walled water bott..

$ 22.99 $ 13.16

Mega Boom Stainless Steel Target System

The MegaBoom Stainless Steel Supersonic Target System is Do-All top-tier cross platform reactive tar..

$ 39.99 $ 23.60

Pro Pack 30 1/4lb Exploding Targets 30pk

Tannerite Pro Pack- 30(1/4 lb) Exploding TargetsStore at ROOM TEMPERATURE and in a DRY LOCATION..

$ 73.99 $ 51.20

Rimfire .22 Sensitive 2oz Target /3

Shockwave Exploding Rifle Targets are non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-toxic, and are very stable. ..

$ 24.99 $ 15.77

Tannerite Spikes 3pk

Tannerite SpikesUse with Tannerite Binary Exploding Rifle Targets- Per 3..

$ 4.75 $ 3.29