Fire Strikers

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Boker Plus Fire Starter

The magnesium fire starter - an indispensable utensil in emergency situations. The chips produced wi..

$ 7.08 $ 8.30

Fire Starter Magnesium

Don't worry about packing matches or a lighter when you have the Coleman Magnesium Fire Starter. Thi..

$ 4.52 $ 5.39

Flint Striker

To get your fire started faster, this Texsport Large flint striker uses an 8 millimeter diameter fli..

$ 3.12 $ 4.14

Flint Striker Fire-Starter

This ferro-cerrium fire-starting tool lasts for thousands of strikes! Pushing the striker provided d..

$ 2.76 $ 3.45

Heritage Survival Kit

The Heritage Survival Kit includes the necessities to help survive an emergency situation stored ins..

$ 9.66 $ 12.08

Micro SparkWheel

The Micro SparkWheel is a small, reliable fire starter that will generate sparks in cold, wet, and w..

$ 2.68 $ 3.35

ParaTinder Bracelet*

The ParaTinder Bracelet w/ Flint Firestarter is an amazing innovation in emergency preparedness. It ..

$ 3.76 $ 4.70

SOL Fire Lite Kit

Minimalist and practical, the SOL Fire Lite Kit gives you the supplies to start up to 20 fires all i..

$ 5.99 $ 7.99

Sparkie, Orange

An innovative, patented flint-based fire starter that can be operated with one hand, the UST Sparkie..

$ 5.37 $ 6.71