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Force that beastly tom to give himself away with a locator call from the JayMaq Outdoor Gear. Bring home the game bird with the most realistic turkey clucks ever! We have several styles of Turkey Calls available such as Electric Turkey Calls, Turkey Mouth Calls, Box Calls and more for your preference from the most well known brands in the industry and all at great low prices.


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"Still" Mouse Squeaker

The Still Mouse Squeaker is great for attracting predators close because it reproduces the sounds of..

$ 9.95 $ 7.43

"THE CAN" Family Pack

"THE Original CAN" is a unique call that has proven to be very successful in reproducing the mating ..

$ 30.45 $ 22.85

3 Call Lanyard

3-Call Lanyard holds 3 Calls, has 2 split rings, keeps calls separated and easy-to use slip knots.Fe..

$ 12.95 $ 9.78

AFrame Triple with Bat Cut

Simple. Versatile. Dependable. We love it when a call comes together. The A-Frame uses a patent pend..

$ 6.45 $ 4.78

Alpha Dogg

The Primos Alpha Dogg is the apex of predator calling technology.The Alpha Dogg doesn't give you jus..

$ 361.95 $ 272.15

Antelope Buster

Produced to be deemed as a great instrument for pretty much any hunter, the Primos Antelope Buster G..

$ 12.95 $ 9.81

Baby Hoochie Mama

Why Calf Calls... A calf's call is easy to distinguish from a cow's. Cows and calves call back and ..

$ 25.95 $ 19.59

Baffle Bugle

The Baffle Bugle allows you to precisely control volume while maintaining the high pitched bugles th..

$ 42.95 $ 32.29

Bamboozled Pot, Trap

The Primos Bamboozled pot call creates sharp, high pitched yelps. Many do not know this but bamboo h..

$ 26.95 $ 20.23

Battlin' Bucks Bag

High-tech polymer reproduces sounds of real antlers as opposed to competitor's wooden sticks. 100% ..

$ 14.45 $ 10.93


The Boss Dogg is Primos redneck dreams come true. It comes with a wireless random motion decoy that..

$ 720.45 $ 541.55

Bottle Neck Grunt

Soft flexible bottleneck design automatically creates back pressure that Speaks The Language. The Bo..

$ 19.95 $ 14.84

Brush Country Cottontail Call

This closed-reed short-range cottontail distress call is excellent for calling coyotes, wolves, foxe..

$ 25.99 $ 18.49

Buck Hands Free Call

Use this Harmon deer call during the pre-rut and rut to increase your chance for success for that tr..

$ 12.99 $ 9.98

Bull Horn

The Bull Horn is easy, accurate, and super compact. Together the patented Support Shelf mouthpiece a..

$ 33.95 $ 25.39

Camo Holster - fits both Series

Keep your Pro-Series Call in this camouflage holster. The Mossy Oak camo material will help it remai..

$ 9.99 $ 7.34

Camo Pouch - fits both Series

Keep all of your Phantom gear safe and dry in this camo pouch with a drawstring. The Mossy Oak camo ..

$ 9.99 $ 7.34

Canada Goose Flute

An easy to use flute. Back pressure is controlled automatically with FLEX-end hose. Reproduces the l..

$ 21.45 $ 16.01

Cash Cow - All In

The Cash Cow series are premium mouth calls designed for serious elk hunters. The Cash Cow series of..

$ 13.95 $ 10.31

Cash Cow - Money Maker

The Primos Hunting Money Maker Cow Call is a great reeded game call giving you perfect cow noises ev..

$ 13.95 $ 10.31

Cash Cow - Pocket Change

This Primos Hunting Cash Cow Pocket Change Call is a great product to keep in your hunting arsenal. ..

$ 13.95 $ 10.31

Cass Creek RPS Extreme -Record-Play-Shoot

Cass Creek RPS Extreme -Record-Play-ShootFeatures:- High powered audio amplifier and speaker - Use a..

$ 129.99 $ 97.70

Challenge Wheeze

The Challenge Wheeze is a sound bucks make when they want to challenge another buck to fight or want..

$ 8.95 $ 6.46

Chop Sooey Pig Call

The squeals of a wild hog sound very much like those of a domestic pig. Because of the wild hog's st..

$ 19.45 $ 14.44

Classic Wood Duck

The wood duck's call, both sitting on the water and flying overhead, is a sound that rings forth fro..

$ 19.45 $ 14.58

Coon Squaller

The Coon Squaller reproduces the whines and distress call of raccoons for calling and locating racco..

$ 9.45 $ 7.29

Cow Girl

The Cow Girl call is a "bite and blow" style call. A cow elk's call is characterized by a note, slid..

$ 12.45 $ 9.46

Coyote Bear Buster

The Coyote Bear Buster reproduces the pitch, tone and volume of a deer bleat as deer communicate, an..

$ 9.45 $ 7.15

Coyote Howler Call

Bite down and it sounds like a conventional rabbit in distress. Release the bite to make howls like ..

$ 12.99 $ 9.98

Coyote Squeaker MiniCall

The Cass Creek ™ Mini Coyote Squeaker is a big game call in a small hand held call unit. You get the..

$ 11.99 $ 9.15

Custom Striker 2-Pak

Primos Custom Striker Cuttin' and Kee-Kee Strikers, 2 PackFeatures:- Two of the best strikers in one..

$ 25.95 $ 19.55

Cuttin' Striker

The mushroom-tipped head of the Cuttin' Striker specializes in breaking into the sharp notes require..

$ 18.95 $ 14.28

Deer Bleat & Bawl Lovesick

Hunters just cannot believe how the bawl brings does charging in during the early season. This call ..

$ 9.45 $ 7.29

Deer Calling Pack

The perfect all-in-one teaching tool for deer hunting, the Deer Calling Pak helps you perfect your h..

$ 28.95 $ 21.83

Diamond Cutter Mouth Call

Cutting single frame call. Three reeds, first reed is latex with inverted diamond cut for high start..

$ 6.45 $ 4.84

Doe Hands Free Call

Cass Creek Harmon Doe Hands Free CallThe Cass Creek Doe Hands Free Call is finely tuned to create an..

$ 12.99 $ 9.98

Doe/Fawn Canister Call

This call perfectly reproduces the sounds that a doe or fawn makes to communicate in the woods drawi..

$ 7.49 $ 5.75

Dogg Catcher Predator Call

This compact and simple to use electronic predator caller is designed to make your hunt easy and eff..

$ 99.95 $ 75.15

Double Cottontail

This call houses two metal reeds thus giving it the name double. The special reeds are designed to g..

$ 16.95 $ 12.79

Double Jackrabbit

This call houses two metal reeds thus giving it the name double. The special reeds are designed to g..

$ 16.95 $ 12.79

Dove Call

The Dove call is easy to use. For morning or afternoon hunts, the call can be used to entice doves c..

$ 9.45 $ 7.29

DU Special Edition P.H.A.T. Lady

The P.H.A.T. Lady is an Arkansas style, single-reed call that features a large sound port designed f..

$ 28.95 $ 21.83

DU Special Edition Yo' Sista

The Yo' Sista is an Arkansas style, single-reed call that features a smaller sound port designed for..

$ 28.95 $ 21.83

Easy Mallard Duck Calls

The name says it all for the Primos Easy Mallard. This call barely requires any air to blow, yet it ..

$ 12.95 $ 9.81

Elk 3-Pak

The collection of calls will allow you to reproduce every distinct sound that elk make cows, calves,..

$ 16.45 $ 12.38

Elk Hunter's Master Pack

Become a master elk hunter with our Elk Hunters Master Pak. Learn how to reproduce accurate elk soun..

$ 70.45 $ 53.03

Elk Select 4

Why would you want a reed with the patented "Sound Plate" feature? 1. Your chance for success depend..

$ 22.45 $ 16.76

Ergo Deer Call

The nation's most popular hunting quarry has recently been discovered to be quite a vocal animal. Sn..

$ 32.99 $ 25.31

Ergo Boar Call

Cass Creek Ergo Wild Boar Electronic Game Call is compact and has an ergonomic grip. With one a han..

$ 32.99 $ 25.31

Ergo Crow Call

Like every Cass Creek Call, Ergo Series calls feature live recordings of real animals making actual ..

$ 32.99 $ 25.31