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"THE CAN" Family Pack

"THE Original CAN" is a unique call that has proven to be very successful in reproducing the mating ..

$ 30.45 $ 22.85

Antelope Buster

Produced to be deemed as a great instrument for pretty much any hunter, the Primos Antelope Buster G..

$ 12.95 $ 9.81

Battlin' Bucks Bag

High-tech polymer reproduces sounds of real antlers as opposed to competitor's wooden sticks. 100% ..

$ 14.45 $ 10.93

Bottle Neck Grunt

Soft flexible bottleneck design automatically creates back pressure that Speaks The Language. The Bo..

$ 19.95 $ 14.84

Buck Hands Free Call

Use this Harmon deer call during the pre-rut and rut to increase your chance for success for that tr..

$ 12.99 $ 9.98

Challenge Wheeze

The Challenge Wheeze is a sound bucks make when they want to challenge another buck to fight or want..

$ 8.95 $ 6.40

Deer Bleat & Bawl Lovesick

Hunters just cannot believe how the bawl brings does charging in during the early season. This call ..

$ 9.45 $ 7.29

Deer Calling Pack

The perfect all-in-one teaching tool for deer hunting, the Deer Calling Pak helps you perfect your h..

$ 28.95 $ 21.83

Doe Hands Free Call

Cass Creek Harmon Doe Hands Free CallThe Cass Creek Doe Hands Free Call is finely tuned to create an..

$ 12.99 $ 9.98

Doe/Fawn Canister Call

This call perfectly reproduces the sounds that a doe or fawn makes to communicate in the woods drawi..

$ 7.49 $ 5.75

Fightin' Horns

Made with high tech polymer to deliver the same consistency and structure as real antlers. The 14 co..

$ 21.45 $ 15.94

Hardwood Fawn Bleat Call

The Hardwood Fawn Bleat is the "original" call introduced in 1986 which started the craze of calling..

$ 11.45 $ 8.71

Hardwood Grunter

Primos introduced its first deer grunt call in 1984. Made from a select hardwood, this call was an i..

$ 14.45 $ 10.93

Lil' Big ROAR

The Little BIG Roar reproduces aggressive buck grunts that you will most commonly hear during peak t..

$ 19.95 $ 15.09

Magnum Trophy Grunt

No matter where or what season you hunt, the Trophy Grunter can bring in that BIG Buck for the perfe..

$ 10.45 $ 8.03

Mastering The Art Deer Pack

Learn to Master the Art of Deer Hunting. There is so much to learn about deer hunting that it can't ..

$ 16.45 $ 12.38

Mini Deer 2 - Sound Stick

The Mini Sound Stick - Deer is an interchangeable sound stick the size of a stick of gum and can be ..

$ 19.99 $ 14.43

Mini Roe Deer - Sound Stick

Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls Mini Sound Stick Roe Deer, is an interchangeable sound Stick with r..

$ 14.99 $ 10.68

Phantom Whitetail-Pro-Series Wireless Rmt

The Pro-Series features individual, interchangeable Sound Modules. If you are a serious hunter that ..

$ 299.99 $ 213.33

Power Buck & Doe W/Compass

This call allows you to bleat and grunt using just one call. The Power Buck & Doe's dual reed assemb..

$ 17.45 $ 13.05

Power Mule Deer & Blacktail Grunter

The Power Mule Deer & Blacktail Grunter with built-in compass reproduces throaty grunts and estrus b..

$ 17.45 $ 13.05

Revolver Grunt

Simple revolving dial design adjusts call for a fawn bleat, doe bleat, doe grunt, young buck or a ma..

$ 26.45 $ 19.74


With the push of a button, the RubberNeck converts from a mature buck grunt to a young buck grunt or..

$ 16.45 $ 12.38

Rut Roar

Pushing to get every bit of accuracy they could to fool a deer's senses. Primos changed the angles o..

$ 17.95 $ 13.39

Shawty Hands Free Buck & Doe

The Lil' Shawty Hands Free Buck and Doe is an adjustable reed call. Time and time again you need a c..

$ 10.45 $ 8.03

Speak Easy Electronic Deer Calling System

The Primos SpeakEasy Electronic Deer Call is the simple way to call in deer. The SpeakEasy's 40 yard..

$ 49.95 $ 37.41

Still Grunter

Not too long ago, little was known about deer vocalization, but research has proven them to have ove..

$ 11.45 $ 8.71

The Great Big Can

"THE GREAT BIG CAN" has been tuned to be louder and longer for long-range calling. It's perfect for ..

$ 11.95 $ 9.01

The Lil' Can

"THE Lil' CAN" is perfect for early season calling. You can't go wrong with "THE Lil' CAN" during ea..

$ 9.95 $ 7.65

THE Long CAN with Grip Rings

The Long CAN produces longer, more intense Estrus Bleats, which lets bucks know there is a doe that'..

$ 13.45 $ 10.23

THE Original CAN with Grip Rings

Estrus Bleats tell bucks that a doe is ready to breed. Whitetail, Blacktail, and Mule Deer can all r..

$ 12.45 $ 9.18

Trophy Deer Grunt Call

Harmon Grunt Call should be part of every hunters arsenal for hunting the whitetail deer. One caller..

$ 13.99 $ 10.74