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"Still" Mouse Squeaker

The Still Mouse Squeaker is great for attracting predators close because it reproduces the sounds of..

$ 9.95 $ 7.43

3 Call Lanyard

3-Call Lanyard holds 3 Calls, has 2 split rings, keeps calls separated and easy-to use slip knots.Fe..

$ 12.95 $ 9.78

Alpha Dogg

The Primos Alpha Dogg is the apex of predator calling technology.The Alpha Dogg doesn't give you jus..

$ 361.95 $ 272.15


The Boss Dogg is Primos redneck dreams come true. It comes with a wireless random motion decoy that..

$ 720.45 $ 541.55

Chop Sooey Pig Call

The squeals of a wild hog sound very much like those of a domestic pig. Because of the wild hog's st..

$ 19.45 $ 14.44

Coon Squaller

The Coon Squaller reproduces the whines and distress call of raccoons for calling and locating racco..

$ 9.45 $ 7.29

Coyote Bear Buster

The Coyote Bear Buster reproduces the pitch, tone and volume of a deer bleat as deer communicate, an..

$ 9.45 $ 7.15

Dogg Catcher Predator Call

This compact and simple to use electronic predator caller is designed to make your hunt easy and eff..

$ 99.95 $ 75.15

Ergo Fox Call

Cass Creek Ergo Fox Electronic Game Call is compact and has an ergonomic grip. With one a hand push..

$ 32.99 $ 25.31

Ergo Predator Call

The Cass Creek electronic Predator call featuring five proven predator-attracting calls that are all..

$ 32.99 $ 25.31

Ergo Predator II Call

The Cass Creek electronic Predator II call featuring five proven predator-attracting calls that are ..

$ 32.99 $ 25.31

Female Whimper

This call imitates the whimpering cries of a female coyote during the preliminary stages of the bree..

$ 16.95 $ 12.79

Hot Dog

This Hot Dog is one bad dog! Fool those educated coyotes. The mouthpiece detaches from the horn to s..

$ 28.45 $ 21.41

Javelina / Hog Call

This call accurately imitates the growls and squeals of hogs and javelina. Hogs and javelina are ext..

$ 14.99 $ 11.50

Lil' Dog

A small howler with a big bite. The Lil' Dog comes with two separate mouthpieces: just pop the white..

$ 23.95 $ 17.83

Mega Amp Coyote Call

The Mega Amp from Cass Creek bust through wind to bring in the big game-what every hunter wants from..

$ 59.99 $ 46.01

Mini Bear - Sound Stick

The Mini Sound Stick - Bear is an interchangeable sound stick the size of a stick of gum and can be ..

$ 14.99 $ 11.23

Mini Boar - Sound Stick

Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls Mini Sound Stick Boar, is an interchangeable sound Stick with real ..

$ 14.99 $ 11.23

Mini Fox - Sound Stick

Mini Fox Sound Sticks Features:- Extreme Dimension Mini Phantom Sound Stick-Fox has 5 sounds, Mute b..

$ 14.99 $ 11.23

Mini Predator - Sound Stick

The interchangeable Mini Sound Sick - Predator is the size of a stick of gum and can be used in any ..

$ 14.99 $ 11.23

Mini Remote -Green w/ Pred 2 & 3 Sticks

Use one or any two of the interchangeable mini Phantom Sound Sticks - for a total of 10 sounds and a..

$ 129.99 $ 97.30

Nomad MX3 Pred Remote w/Transmttr

The Nomad MX3 uses state of the art remote technology to produce live sounds over its extra large hi..

$ 79.99 $ 61.35

Phantom Honker-Pro-Series Wireless Remote

The Phantom Pro-Series Wireless Calling System offers many fine features to help all your calling ne..

$ 299.99 $ 224.55

Phantom Predator - Sound Module

The most innovative feature of Pro-Series calls is the opportunity to buy just one call and then pu..

$ 79.99 $ 53.61

Phantom Predator-Pro-Series Wireless Rmte

The Pro-Series features individual, interchangeable Sound Modules. If you are a serious hunter that ..

$ 299.99 $ 224.55

Phantom Predator/Predator 2 Combo Pack

Phantom Predator / Predator 2 Combo PackFeatures: - All sounds are 100 percent natural- Interchange..

$ 299.99 $ 224.55

Pig Stick Pig Call

The PIG STICK pig call is the most accurate boar and sow call ever made. It can be blown very hard t..

$ 19.45 $ 14.44

Predator Quest - Mini Remote w/ DVD

Use one or any two of interchangeable mini Phantom Sound Sticks-for a total of 10 sounds and a Mute...

$ 129.99 $ 97.30

Predator Quest - Sound Stick

Predator Quest Interchangeable Sound StickFeatures:- For use with the mini phantom digital call and ..

$ 14.99 $ 11.23

Randy Anderson Mouth Call Howler

Primos has teamed up with Randy Anderson to bring you the Mouth Call Howler Pak. The Sonic Dome pred..

$ 22.45 $ 16.76

Raspy Coaxer (2-in-1) Call

The Raspy Coaxer is two calls in one. It creates a combination of long range screams and close range..

$ 12.45 $ 9.30

Turbo Dogg

The Primos Turbo Dogg Speaks the Language, with 36 sounds and 4 preprogrammed Expert Hunts. Expert ..

$ 241.45 $ 181.44