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5 ft. Extendible Tree Saw (1001)

The MegaBite blade uses a high carbon SK5 steel in a tapered blade design, combined with an impulse ..

$ 36.67 $ 45.84

5277 Folding Saw, Black

Safe, lightweight and compact. Outdoorsman looking to lighten their load will appreciate this lightw..

$ 16.78 $ 20.40

Axe Camp

Get the right tool for multiple jobs when you're at the campsite with the Coleman Camp Axe. The shar..

$ 6.00 $ 7.15

Boker Plus Tomahook

Colin Despins, a designer of tactical resources here in the U.S., brings us to this design of a tact..

$ 80.45 $ 94.28

Camillus Sin 15" Tomahawk w/Nylon Sheath

Take on the elements with this Camillus Tomahawk with Sheath. This 15" tomahawk is titanium bonded f..

$ 32.16 $ 40.20

Camp Axe

The Coghlan's Camp Axe is great for cutting firewood. The axe features a steel shaft with a forged s..

$ 6.75 $ 8.44

Compact Axe S.S. Blade w/Folding Saw,Clam

The Schrade Compact Axe might be the perfect survival tool you need for camping or wilderness surviv..

$ 29.70 $ 37.13

Deluxe/Commando Saw

This NATO approved tool will cut wood, plastic, bone, rubber or soft metal. Unique eight-strand desi..

$ 2.24 $ 2.80

Folding Razor Saw, Orange

This pocket-sized, lightweight Folding Razor Saw features a 24 TPI (Teeth Per Inch) saw blade that w..

$ 2.68 $ 3.35

Folding Saw

The compact-folding saw quietly unfolds and locks into position. It features a push-button lock on t..

$ 12.07 $ 14.95

Folding Saw

Take along the Coghlan's Folding Saw the next time you go camping. It offers rugged construction, ma..

$ 20.15 $ 25.19

Folding Saw, Gray

A compact folding saw that fits conveniently in your pack or pocket. Useful for a wide range of camp..

$ 6.44 $ 8.05

Hatchet Rugged

Meet the Rugged Essentials, core accessory assortment. They have higher grade materials, better ease..

$ 11.72 $ 13.94

Knife, Bl Shock 'N Awesome

The Shock N Awesome Tomahawk is bigger, badder and ready to help you hack out of the toughest spots,..

$ 60.00 $ 75.00

Knife, Ulu Hatchet

Browning Outdoorsman Ulu HatchetFeatures:- Blade: One-piece head of hollow-ground 4Cr steel ..

$ 17.50 $ 21.88

Knife,Outdoorsman Axe

Outdoorsman Axe- The Outdoorsman axe offers the newest technology in a canoe axe - This axe has used..

$ 35.00 $ 43.75

Knife,Shock N' Awe Tomahawk

Black Label Shock N' Awe TomahawkSpecifications:- Sheath Description: Blade-Tech - Main Blade Length..

$ 44.00 $ 55.00

Les Stroud SK Path Fixed Saw, Firestarter

Camillus Cutlery Company Les Stroud S.K. Path Fixed Blade Saw (19121)Features:- Carbonitride Titaniu..

$ 20.82 $ 28.51

MAA English Bill

Like a surprising amount of historical battlefield weapons, the English Bill or "Bill Hook" owes its..

$ 82.42 $ 100.00

MAA Swiss Halberd

The Swiss Halberd effectively combined the finest attributes of the spear, battle axe and hook into ..

$ 92.78 $ 115.15

MegaBite Compact Hand Saw

HOOYMAN Handsaw Compact Megabite Folds To 6.5"Features:- Lock back blade- Rubber handle- Nylon carry..

$ 16.55 $ 21.44

MegaBite Hand Saw

Hooyman saws use a high carbon SK5 steel in a tapered blade design, with an impulse hardened 4 edge ..

$ 19.63 $ 25.43

Megabite Hunters Combo(Bone&Wood Handsaw)

Hooyman Megabite Hunter's ComboFeatures:- 2 Aggressive 8” MegaBite XP 4-edge tooth blades, cuts fast..

$ 26.72 $ 33.40

Micro Chain Saw

Chain saw teeth are designed to cut in both stroke directions.Features:- Light-weight pocket sized c..

$ 15.85 $ 20.43

Mykel Hawke Hasp w/leather Sheath

A very original design by Mykel Hawke, the HASP has been created to serve four purposes in one tool...

$ 73.57 $ 105.99

Ndur Flexible Wire Saw

The NDuR Flexible Wire Saw cuts through wood, plastic, bone and even soft metals. Constructed using ..

$ 4.24 $ 5.30

No.11 Field Saw - Orange,Casstrom

The Casström Field Saw allows you to open the chest cage and pelvic bone on larger game safely and q..

$ 30.43 $ 54.95

No.7 Field Saw - Spare blade,Casstrom

Spare Blade for the No7 Casstrom Field / Game Prep Saw.Features:- No.7 Field Saw - Spare bladeSpecif..

$ 7.02 $ 11.95

Pack Saw Blades 3/PK

Sadly, no saw blade is built to last forever, so, when it's time to replace your Texsport Shape Shif..

$ 2.13 $ 2.95

ParaHatchet FS, Orange

Chop firewood, hack down tree limbs, and more with the UST ParaHatchet FS, a compact camping axe wit..

$ 10.74 $ 13.43

Pipe Hawk

* This item does not function as an actual smoking pipe.Do you prize the look and authentic lines of..

$ 26.67 $ 33.34

Pocket Sierra Saw

The ultimate pocket saw for the outdoors and around the home. Never needs sharpening! Safe One-Touch..

$ 5.10 $ 6.38

Ratchet Pruner (1003)

Hooyman Ratchet PrunerFeatures:- Ratcheting Mechanism provides 10 times the cutting force- High-Stre..

$ 24.98 $ 31.23

Rockvale Compact Hand Axe

The Rockvale Compact Hand Axe is a solid, one-piece stainless steel frame with 3? cutting edge. This..

$ 13.90 $ 17.38

SaberCut Chain Saw PRO, with pouch

The heavy-duty, pocketable SaberCut Chainsaw with Pouch uses a flexible, bi-directional 24-inch blad..

$ 16.11 $ 20.14

Scissors Rugged

Meet the Rugged Essentials, core accessory assortment. They have higher grade materials, better ease..

$ 4.09 $ 4.89

Shape Shift Folding Pack Saw

The aluminum frame of the Shape Shift Folding Pack Saw is lightweight yet strong. It's a great choic..

$ 9.19 $ 11.73

Short Bearded Axe Antiqued

These Hanwei short axes, replicating Viking weapons, are made to withstand throwing, with forged hea..

$ 50.82 $ 63.53

Small Axe, 3Cr13 Stainless Blade,Boxed

The Schrade Full Tang Hatchet is perfect for your next hunting or camping trip. With its powder coat..

$ 14.96 $ 18.70

Taskmaster Saw Orange Brown

A folding handsaw is an incredibly handy tool—and this one, from Buck Commander and Kershaw is an ex..

$ 16.67 $ 24.75

Team Real Tree,Lightweight Saw

Make sure you always have clear shooting lanes with the Kutmaster Airframe folding saw. With a light..

$ 11.50 $ 14.25

Trench Hawk

The Trench Hawk by Cold Steel is a tactical tomahawk that features a drop forged from 5150 carbon st..

$ 30.66 $ 41.21

War Hawk

The War Hawk combines the tactical styling and material used in the famous Trench Hawk with historic..

$ 34.91 $ 43.64

Western BLACKRIVER 11.5" Hatchet

Western Knives have been built tough and proven durable since 1911. Western has now combined it's ce..

$ 16.96 $ 21.20

Woodsman Replacement Blades

Replacement blades for 4-in-1 Woodsman. Fits only Zippo 4-In-1 Woodman. Not for Hacksaws. Woodsman s..

$ 5.77 $ 8.65

Yuma All-Purpose Mini Saw

Allen Yuma All Purpose Mini SawFeatures:- Solid one piece stainless steel frame - Oversized grip for..

$ 11.94 $ 15.56