Multi-Purpose Tools

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5-In-1 Multi-Tool, Blue

This is a perfect 5-in-1 multi-tool to have for small repairs or emergencies. Great to take along fo..

$ 2.99 $ 4.70

5-in-1 Survival Tool, Orange

This Waterproof UST Match Case is a durable, composite plastic container with screw-top lid and O-ri..

$ 1.07 $ 1.34

AR-15 Carbine Stock Wrench / Multi-Tool

Constructed of heat treated steel with a parkerized finish, this multi-tool combines a castle nut wr..

$ 7.49 $ 9.28

ASEK® Strap Cutter/Multi Tool

Developed as part of the Aircrew Survival Egress Knife system, this strap cutter features anodized a..

$ 20.06 $ 25.08

Back Packers Trowel

A lightweight, convenient trenching tool made of high impact styrene.Specifications:- Weight: 2 oz...

$ 1.14 $ 1.43

Battle Star

Cold Steel Battle Star 80SSXLConsists of no more than a flat piece of steel with 3 or more points. I..

$ 9.21 $ 11.51

Big Boat Bat

Bring home the big fish with Cold Steel Boat Bats! Precision injection molded from high-impact Polyp..

$ 14.43 $ 19.40

Brooklyn Shorty

The Brooklyn Shorty may be the strongest and most durable mini-bat in the world. An ideal souvenir o..

$ 12.61 $ 15.15

Brooklyn Whopper

The Brooklyn Whopper is the biggest bat we've ever made. At 38 inches, the Whopper is the maximum al..

$ 26.67 $ 33.34

Cable Key Keeper, Purple

The cable key keeper is great when a secure, temporary attachment is needed.Features:- Colorful fob ..

$ 1.36 $ 2.01

Camillus Trekus Multi Tool

The Camillus Trekus Multi Tool is versatile enough to handle practically any situation. Titanium bon..

$ 27.49 $ 34.36

Camillus Trekus Pro Multi Tool&Flashlight

Camillus is one of the oldest American knife brands and the Trekus is a classic design with an updat..

$ 21.64 $ 27.05

Carabiner Multi-Tool, Green

This carabiner multi-tool provides two types of cutting tools for small repairs and emergency situat..

$ 3.17 $ 4.70

Cool Tool, Black

This Cool Tool is a multi-tool that can be used for a variety of emergency repairs. It could possibl..

$ 2.68 $ 3.35

EVOLVE, Shockey Series Multi Tool,CP

The Havalon Shockey Signature Series Evolve Multi-Tool is a stylish multi-tool that you can take wit..

$ 54.97 $ 74.99

EX01 Fld 3.5 or 4 Blk Torx Scr Clip Kit

The Hogue Replacement Torx Screw and Clip Kit for EX-01 Tactical Folding Knife 34180 is guaranteed t..

$ 8.90 $ 11.01

EX01 Fld 3.5 or 4 SS Torx Scr Clip Kit

The Hogue Replacement Torx Screw and Clip Kit for EX-01 Tactical Folding Knife 34180 is guaranteed t..

$ 8.90 $ 11.01

FlashBlade Flicker

The FlashBlade Recharge Flicker is a compact multi-tool that combines three tools into one and featu..

$ 6.98 $ 8.73

FlashBlade Multi-Tool 1.0

The FlashBlade Recharge Multi-Tool 1.0 combines six useful tools into one and features a USB recharg..

$ 10.74 $ 13.43

FlashBlade Multi-Tool 2.0

The FlashBlade Recharge Multi-Tool 2.0 combines 12 useful tools into one and features a USB recharge..

$ 15.29 $ 19.11

FlashBlade Multi-Tool 3.0

The FlashBlade Recharge Multi-Tool 3.0 combines seven useful tools into one and features a USB recha..

$ 20.38 $ 25.48

FlashBlade Recharge Knife 1.0

The FlashBlade Recharge Knife 1.0 is a durable utility knife that features a USB rechargeable LED li..

$ 13.42 $ 16.78

FlintBar 7-in-1

The FlintBar 7-in-1 multi-tool includes seven essential tools all conveniently held together with a ..

$ 4.83 $ 6.04

Float, Yellow

Save your keys if they go overboard with this buoyant Float keychain. A must-have for any water spor..

$ 1.81 $ 2.69

Folding Plier Multi-Tool, Silver

The folding plier multi-tool has six essential tools to help with emergency repairs.Features:- Six e..

$ 3.22 $ 4.03

Folding Ruler, White

This handy folding ruler is lightweight and small enough to carry anywhere.Features:- Total length m..

$ 1.61 $ 2.01

Folding Scissors

Folding Scissors feature stainless steel blades with chrome plated die cast handles...

$ 1.54 $ 1.93

Folding Scissors

An essential, compact tool for camping, backpacking, and emergencies, the UST Folding Scissors featu..

$ 1.61 $ 2.01

Folding Shovel

Tempered forged steel blade with metal handle and shaft. Positive locking collar.Specifications:- Le..

$ 7.87 $ 9.84

Folding Shovel w/Saw

Foldable and Compact, Coghlan's Folding Shovel with Saw is easy to store and sets up easily to help ..

$ 10.36 $ 12.95

Folding Stove with Fuel

The UST Folding Stove 1.0 is a light, durable, and compact cooking platform that is perfect for mess..

$ 3.22 $ 4.03

Gator Bottle Opener, Orange

The gator bottle opener also works as a wrench and is nice to have when you need the right tool with..

$ 1.07 $ 1.34

Guitar Bottle Opener, Red

This unique guitar bottle opener key chain is the perfect accessory for every music enthusiast in yo..

$ 1.61 $ 2.01

Gunstock War Club

Features from Cold Steel's favorite clubs included the ridged centerline, a short lance point, and t..

$ 25.70 $ 32.13

Hammer Beast Multi-Tool, Orange

Great for use at the campsite, around the house, or in emergency situations, the UST Hammer Beast Mu..

$ 10.74 $ 13.43

Hammer Multi-Tool, Silver

The hammer multi-tool is a compact, complete tool kit that you can carry anytime and anywhere. Ideal..

$ 3.76 $ 4.70

Heavy Sure Strike

Everyone likes throwing knives! The simple sport of throwing a knife is fun. And no sound is more sa..

$ 25.70 $ 32.13

Iguana Bottle Opener, Blue

Add a little whimsy to dull key chains with this stylish and useful Iguana Bottle Opener.Features:- ..

$ 1.45 $ 2.01

Indian War Club

The better clubs were carved from a naturally curved hardwood root burl, sapling or tree branch. Thi..

$ 25.70 $ 32.13

Jens Carabiner- Blue

Danish custom knife and toolmaker, Jens Anso, is well known for his wildly popular multi-function ca..

$ 8.71 $ 11.23

Key Multi-Tool, Silver

The clever key-shaped key multi-tool features many handy tools and is made of durable stainless stee..

$ 3.22 $ 4.03

Keychain Tool w/Lanyard,Boxed

The legacy of Schrade knives and tools, which are proudly produced by BTI Tools, is built on fine cr..

$ 10.17 $ 12.71

Keychain Tool w/Lanyard,Clam

This Schrade Multi-Tool from Taylor Brands is an excellent addition to your keychain. This versatile..

$ 10.17 $ 12.71

Keychain Tool,Trapped

The legacy of Schrade knives and tools, which are proudly produced by BTI Tools, is built on fine cr..

$ 10.17 $ 12.71

Koga SD1

Made of virtually unbreakable plastic, the SD1 can increase the ability of the average person to def..

$ 6.30 $ 7.88

Learn & Live Fire Starting Kit

The Learn & Live Fire Starting Kit includes all the tools you need to build a fire using a ferro rod..

$ 8.05 $ 10.06

Learn & Live Fishing Kit

The Learn & Live Fishing Kit contains the basic resources needed to learn how to catch fish in a sur..

$ 5.37 $ 6.71

Learn & Live Outdoor Skills Card Set

The Learn & Live Outdoor Skills Card Set includes a collection of pocket reference guides covering t..

$ 10.74 $ 13.43

Learn & Live Wayfinding Kit

The Learn and Live Way Finding Kit includes a quick pocket guide and Waypoint Compass to help you le..

$ 5.37 $ 6.71

Learn and Live Cards - Animal Tracks

A pocketable outdoor quick reference tool, the UST Animal Tracking Cards teach you to recognize the ..

$ 2.15 $ 2.69