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10345 Mr. Crappie FishPick,Hook,Shrpner

North America's best-known crappie fisherman, Wally Marshall, has teamed up with Buck Knives to intr..

$ 11.66 $ 14.58

10776 Fishing Nippers

Whether out on the lake, ocean, or river, a reliable tool is a requirement for any outdoorsman or ou..

$ 6.99 $ 8.74

4974 EdgeTek FlipStik Diamond Sharpener

The EdgeTek FlipStiks offer an easy carry sharpener with a 100% diamond coated surface and oval cont..

$ 12.59 $ 15.15

Amigo Neck Knife Clip

These clips are designed to fit the sheaths of the Amigo line of Neck knives to allow for about ever..

$ 10.43 $ 13.38

Bk11Hndl Becker Micarta Handles

These attractive green canvas Micarta handles will fit the Becker Necker #BK11...

$ 21.62 $ 27.03

Bk16Hndl Becker Short Micarta Handles

These attractive Micarta handles will fit the Short Becker Knives #BK15, #BK16 and #BK17...

$ 27.03 $ 33.79

Camillus ExtremEdge Knife&Shear Sharpener

Camillus Cutlery Company ExtremEdge V2 Camo Knife and Shear Sharpener (18725)The ExtremEdge Knife an..

$ 7.74 $ 10.60

Ceramic Knife Sharpener

The Ceramic Knife Sharpener is a pocket-sized, two-stage knife sharpener.Features:- Two-stage cerami..

$ 3.22 $ 4.03

Deep Carry Blk Torx Scr Clip Kit

Deep Carry Clip & Torx Screw Kit Black Finish - Fits EX-01, EX-03, EX-04 and OTFIncludes:- Black Fin..

$ 8.90 $ 11.01

Deep Carry SS Torx Scr Clip Kit

Deep Carry Clip & Torx Screw Kit Tumbled Finish - Fits EX-01, EX-03, EX-04 and OTFIncludes:- Tumbled..

$ 8.90 $ 11.01

Diamond Dust Sharpening Rod ,Boxed

Keep your knives razor sharp with the Schrade SCHDDS Diamond Dust Sharpening Rod. This portable shar..

$ 3.60 $ 4.50

Diamond Dust Sharpening Rod ,Clam

Do you have a quality knife that is losing its edge? Look no further than the Schrade Diamond Dust S..

$ 3.60 $ 4.50


On the go sharpener is the perfect tool to place an edge on your favorite pocket or kitchen knife. T..

$ 3.66 $ 4.29

Sharpening Stone

This dual sharpening stone offers a combination of fine and coarse textures for sharpening knives an..

$ 1.61 $ 2.01

Trench Hawk Replacement Hdle

Trench Hawk Replacement Handle...

$ 3.88 $ 4.85