3x Mil-Spec Magnifier Lens - Optics

3x Mil-Spec Magnifier Lens hunting fishing outdoor gear 20 Optics
High-performance Galilean a focal telescope that easily mounts to the objective lens of many night vision devices. The lens can be threaded or snapped onto the objective lens. Incorporates very fast optics (F/1.5) with field of view 13. Includes snap-on adapter, convenient flip-up objective lens cover, removable rear lens cap, and carrying case. Waterproof.

Fits: 6015-HPT, 6015-3, 6015-3A, 6015-3P, 6015-4, PVS14-3 (2AA), PVS14-3 (1AA), PVS14-3A (2AA), PVS14-3A (1AA), PVS7-CGT. PVS7-HPT, PVS7-3, and PVS7-3A

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