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Edge GS Super 1+ 1x20 NV Goggles hunting fishing outdoor gear 20 Optics
The Edge GS 1x20 is primarily designed for use as night vision goggles (the device can also be mounted on a Head Mount included in the box).

Lack of visual magnification (1x) provides the user adequate spatial orientation and comfortable operation when in motion (the user is able to estimate distance to the object or between objects correctly).

The Edge GS 1x20 NV Goggles is equipped with an energy-conserving IR Illuminator with adjustable power. IR power adjustment wheel and other control elements are located on top of the device.

At the core of the Edge GS 1x20 NV Goggles is a unique combination of specially designed optics, CF-Super Image Intensifier Tube, and wide-angled five-lens eyepiece which provides lack of distortion and the highest edge-to-edge resolution performance. The Edge GS 1x20 NV Goggles have enhanced service durability. The housing is sealed which allows it to be used in harsh conditions (in the rain or dusty environment).

The device has an image intensifier tube protection system once the luminance threshold level is exceeded, current feed to the tube is automatically reduced or fully ceased.

The Edge GS 1x20 NV Goggles has a wide range of applications: protection of industrial facilities and private property, patrolling, search and rescue, military and spo


- Image Tube Type: CF-Super / EP-33-SF
- Magnification: 1x
- Objective lens: 20mm
- Resolution (centre/edge FOV), min.: 42"/36mm
- Angular field of view: 36 Degree 36
- Maximum range of detection 90m
- Eyepiece adjustment: 4 Diopter
- Exit pupil: 6mm
- Operating voltage, V: 3 (2 x AAA)
- Minimum operating time (IR off/on): 50/20 Hour
- Operating temperature: -20 C ... +40 C
- Dimensions: 163mm x 113mm x 60mm
- Weight: 0.65 kg
- Weight of the head mount: 0.2 kg

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