Walking Staffs

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African Walking Stick

The Zulus are perhaps the fiercest, most combative tribe in all South Africa. In the early 1800's t..

$ 42.99 $ 26.06

Blackthorn Shillelagh

Cold Steels Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick has been a firm fan favorite since its inception. Its goo..

$ 49.99 $ 30.30

Blackthorn Staff

Inspired by an over-sized staff in the private collection of President Lynn C. Thompson, Cold Steel'..

$ 79.99 $ 48.49

Budo Stick by Steven Seagal

As a Martial Artist, Steven Seagal has spent decades using Bokken. In his highly trained hands, thes..

$ 73.99 $ 44.85

Dragon Walking Stick

The mythical dragon has captured the imagination of man for centuries.Asian folklore casts them as b..

$ 74.99 $ 45.45

Escrima Stick

The Cold Steel Escrima Stick resembles a traditional rattan stick in length, weight, and cross secti..

$ 32.99 $ 20.00

Pistol Grip City Stick

With a finely crafted solid Aluminum head, the pistol grip cane is lighter, balanced and easy to car..

$ 109.99 $ 66.66

Training Staff

Many Cold Steel fans and customers share the love for the Martial Arts, and they have been asking Co..

$ 49.99 $ 30.30

Walkabout Stick (Clam Pack)

Throughout history, every culture has had their own interpretation of the quintessential walking sti..

$ 44.99 $ 27.28