Liquid Fuel Stoves

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Ndur Mini Cookware Kit w/Alcohol Burner

The NDuR Mini Cookware Kit w/Alcohol Burner is a great little kit when you are on the go. Made of An..

$ 49.00 $ 32.43

Nova Plus Stove

Optimus Nova+ is exactly what the name suggests, a stove with the performance of the original Optimu..

$ 159.95 $ 159.95

Nova Stove

The award this stove has received weighs more than the stove itself. An award winner many times over..

$ 149.95 $ 149.95

Optimus Hiker Plus Single Unit

Been to both poles and the highest peaks without any legs at all. Rugged and compact, the Optimus Hi..

$ 219.95 $ 219.95

Optimus VEGA

The ultimate in a multi-functional lightweight 4 season wonder. The Optimus Vega roars past its comp..

$ 94.95 $ 94.95


The Svea an ultra-classic lightweight gasoline stove in solid brass. Widely used by climbers all ove..

$ 119.95 $ 119.95